I ordered one of these Hong Kong specials a few weeks ago. I think it was 12 inc. shipping. The unit enables you to attach your off-camera flash onto a standard light stand. You can swivel horizontally 360deg of course, but you can also swivel vertically 180deg. This gives you all the flash angles you should ever need. It also has a 3/8 hole for standard umbrella pole (see photos in link).

It didn't look anything special on Ebay, but 12! It is actually very good. It takes all flash units except Sony and Minolta. The construction is very robust - which surprised me. The adjustable base plate that holds the flash base is metal. The rest of the unit is plastic, but seems to be very strong. See photos in link. There are several sellers who have this item on Ebay - Google "Flash Shoe Holder Swivel Bracket" to find them if the link below expires in time.