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Problems with a T-90. Any help would be appreciated!

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  • NathCarr91
    Don't really know the T90 that well, but i do use the same lens on my AV-1 and then with an adaptor on my Canon digital. One issue you may have though is that the lever that springs back on the rear of the lens, steps down the aperture when the shutter fires. Maybe that lever is sticking and not releasing back, this could cause it to lock on you.

    You would need to rest this with the lens off the camera, there's a video on how to do this on YouTube because you need to replicate it being on the camera

    Hope you manage to fix it though

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  • El Sid
    Not at all familiar with the T90 (though I do have a T50) but it is not dissimilar to the EOS cameras that followed it. The A on the lens means that the camera body is in control of the lens aperture, this applies to certain auto-exposure modes available eg Program (P) Aperture priority (Av) and full auto/scene modes (if present) where the lens must be set to A to work. To select the aperture manually the camera needs to be set to Manual mode (M) where you have manual control over both the shutter or to Shutter priority (Tv) (assuming you have this option) where you manually adjust the aperture on the lens and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed.

    As regard 'Bulb' I think the T90 operates in the same way as many EOS models (including digital) where Bulb is accessed by switching to mode M and then turning the shutter speed control until the word bulb appears. If turning the shutter dial one way doesn't change it then turning it the other should - you may have to turn it a fair bit as, I think, the longest metered exposure speed may well be 30 seconds.

    You can also find an instruction manual here:

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  • Problems with a T-90. Any help would be appreciated!

    Hello all, first post here :)
    I recently acquired a T90, and encountered the dreaded EEE error. A bit of fiddling around with various settings happily cleared that. However, I've noticed that when I play around with aperture settings on the lens itself (FD 50/1.8), the shutter seems to lock. To be specific, this occurs when I set the ring on the lens from A to any of the aperture stops. I'm a novice to the T90, so if there's a specific step I am missing (for example, a particular setting in which manually changing the aperture on the lens itself works), then please let me know!
    Also, it appears to be an issue in manual mode. Seems to be stuck in "Bulb".