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Challenge 206 - Mechanism

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    Challenge 206 - Mechanism

    This month’s challenge subject is “Mechanism”.

    As a chartered mechanical engineer, I was taught that a mechanism is "a device that transforms input forces and movement into a desired set of output forces and movement". or in a more casual definition "a system of parts working together in a machine or a machine per se".

    The range of mechanisms goes from the minute wheels in a ladies watch to giant self-propelled coal digging machines, so you should have plenty of choice of items to photograph either in whole or in part.

    Judging will be based on:

    * fulfilling the brief.
    * a good photo based on composition, focus and consideration to the light.
    * having impact. Will I remember your image after I go away from the computer?

    Once the deadline closes, I will go away and review all images and select a top 3 (gold, silver and bronze) with a winner based on the criteria stated above.

    The usual rules apply:
    • One picture per person; images should conform to general image posting rules.
    • All entries to be shot with a Canon EOS camera i.e. SLR / DSLR / M / R series but can use any make of lens.
    • Posted images should be taken during the running period of the competition. Any images submitted that were taken before the competition started, or after the competition has ended, will be deemed invalid.
    • Images 800 pixels widest maximum (to help those with small monitors).
    • Points will be awarded towards the overall year award - Gold wins 50 points, Silver 40 points and Bronze 30 points and all other entries will be awarded 20 points. These points will be accumulated over the year and provide a leader board through the year.
    • No frames or borders.
    • Include a title; the image must convey the theme, and if you want a short description.
    • Please, NO comments on images - on this or another thread- until the round is over.
    • No canvassing e.g. “I’m thinking of posting this image for the challenge, what do you think?”
    • I will pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite images (please don’t contact me to discuss my choices). I’m not a trained judge but will try and be fair in my judging.

    The closing date for the Challenge is midnight (GMT) on 2nd July 2024.​

    I stand by ready to be amazed!

    John Liddle

    Backwell, North Somerset - "Where the cider apples grow"

    Just a friendly bump
    John Liddle

    Backwell, North Somerset - "Where the cider apples grow"


      Horse powered mechanism


      Horse powered mechanism by Rose, on Flickr


        Flying Shuttle mechanism.

        Flying Shuttle by Chris Haigh, on Flickr



          13.75 by Steven McNeill, on Flickr

          We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns ;)


          EOS R, RF 24-105 L, 70D EF 18-55mm IS, EF 75-300mm, EF10-18mm IS STM & Nifty 50 STM.