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    My own 2023

    Today as I was downloading some photographs I looked at those I had taken this year and this brought memories of this year that had slipped my mind -- not that it takes much to do this!
    A number of 'photographs of the year' have been published on line so I thought I would ask the same question as I did this time last year.

    What is the photograph you have taken in 2023 which pleases or means the most to you and why is it your own personal photo of the year?
    It may be a photo you took but have for one reason or another not posted it on this Forum.

    My starter for this is a shot from the first ever Ice Hockey match I went to see in October; the action is super fast and it is hard to predict where the action is going to be. Although I had set my camera as best as I could and pointed it hopefully somewhere in the right place the photos where part pure luck for composition of the players and the puck. This shot has been cropped which definitely helps and I have just tided up the wording.
    I think this neatly sums up my year, better prepared but still room for improvement!!

    6O4A4853 v2 by Rose, on Flickr

    I think you've had an excellent year with the images I've seen Rose. Think this is one my favourites though, possibly on the whole forum! Looking forward to seeing what you post next year .


      For me it's very slim pickings, I think ive taken around 300 pictures this year (compared to the 2000+ last year) I had taken a couple on a recent trip to Albania, but I've not yet had chance to look back through them all. So for me my picture of the year is this ↓↓↓↓.

      This was taken back in the spring and is my picture of the year for 2 reasons, 1st it was the only real time I've had my camera out this year, and 2nd because of how happy I was taking pictures of the otters. They just really calm me.




        Mine I think is this one of the Badgers. When I at last manage to capture them away from the sett. Badger photography is a simple thing at the sett but a whole different thing once they start foraging

        1663 - Badgers 1663300623 by Trev Bartlett MBE, on Flickr
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        Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got



          Quiet year for me with ongoing health issues, managed to shoot some movies for youtube, but little of what I wanted to do, still hoping to get into the mountains now the snow has arrived, there's a white bunny and a white Grouse I'm after filming and maybe some white buntings too.
          Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way