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Museum of Photography, Funchal

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    Museum of Photography, Funchal

    What an interesting place, I had visited this museum some years ago but at a later visit I was disappointed to find the museum was closed.

    However it now seems to have had a makeover, it's origins being the studio of a professional photographer which was in use between1863-1978. There was a lot of interesting exhibits with the studio area including a number huge great wooden cameras. The studio area was extremely well lit with natural light from both sides and above, each controlled by curtain arrangements.

    In another area of the building there was an exhibition of old images (originals Gelatin Silver, digitised) these covered a number of car rallies with quite a few old British classic cars.

    1. The main studio area, note the chair which is also shown in 2 below.

    2. A studio portrait including the chair in the image above.

    3. An order from the studio to a supplier in Blackpool for backdrops to be used in the studio.


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    Ah, Peter, I remember this place and the studio platform.

    Thanks for sharing. ...... such an interesting museum for me (but not for hubby!)

    Based on the success (ahem!) of this I also dragged him to the Embroidery Museum in Funchal, but we missed out on the Electricity Museum as it was closed.

    We have an ongoing challenge to seek out the most obscure museum in every new place we visit - you'd be surprised what there is out there eg Dinky Toys

    Sometimes they are fascinating, such as the Pipe Museum in Amsterdam, and often manned by extremely knowledgeable chaps !
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      Very interesting post Peter.
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