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6D Mk II external power.

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    6D Mk II external power.

    I've been doing a lot of tethered shooting recently and it's quite hard on the batteries, so I decided to buy an external power adaptor.

    I haven't decided on which one yet, (I can't afford the Canon one!) but several refer to "feeding the cable through the duct on the battery compartment" on the camera. I can't find any cable duct - can someone please explain here? (I know I have to close the battery compartment door or enable the microswitch in some other way to make the camera work in this mode).

    Any recommendations for a UK mains external power supply for a Canon EOS 6D Mk II would also be appreciated.

    Edit: With the help of a YouTube video, I have managed to find a little "flippy" panel on the side of the battery compartment I didn't even know existed - cable duct now found!
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    Canon EOS 6D Mk II, 700D, Canon 24-105mm L, 100-400mm, 100mm f2.8 L Macro.

    If the 6D11 is like the 6D in the battery compartment design then there is a little flappy door on the inside of the grip facing the lens.(Same on my 7D2 as well)
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      Agree with Skylines - same on the 5D Mk lV and the 7D Mk ll

      Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got