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    Wacom tablets

    happy new year to you all.

    Considering getting a Wacom tablet to help in the editing process. The decision is based on a few recommendations to try it out as a couple of photogs I met say it has improved the ease of editing.

    I would value the opinions of those here that use them and any recommendations. Wacom tablets vary in price and size , would a basic Wacom intuos tablet suffice. I will only be using it as a hobbyist to edit in lightroom/photoshop.

    views and comments appreciated.


    I made a mistake with my first tablet and went for an expensive large one, on the basis that bigger and more expensive must be better. It wasn't, not for photography anyway. I managed to sell it to a graphics artist who was delighted and I bought the much smaller A5 model, which is perfect for my needs.

    Go for Wacom and the small version is A5. I think the latest version is Wacom Intuous Photo, for around 70 new and 50 used. Be prepared for it not to work as well as you would have hoped straight from the box - you will need to download the latest drivers, but once that is sorted you will soon be thinking Wow, how did I ever do photoshop without one of these.


      I have and use a Wacom Intuos 4 model number PTK-440 which I believe is the "Small" variant. It is roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper. It has half a dozen programmable Express keys and a scroll wheel. Here's a LINK out to a well known E-retailer which gives specifications. But it seems that this version is no longer available.

      As Colin said you need to set the tablet up to fit with your monitor workspace and working methods. I have mine set to work across a dual screen arrangement. I have to admit that I still have a mouse connected that I use for mundane tasks like email and creating documents. Some people I have spoken to suggest disconnecting the mouse to force yourself to use the pen and tablet.

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        I have an A5 size Wacom Intuos Tablet, but have to say that I rarely use it. That said, it does work well, and on the odd occasion when I felt the need arose, it proved useful.



          I have a Wacom A5 tablet. It was bought as a gift a couple of years ago - I really couldn't get on with it at all and it's finished up gathering dust on the shelf. I must dust it off and give it another try.
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            I have the A5 version, about 10 years old now and i would not be without it, makes intricate editing 1000 times easier than with a mouse alone and being left handed, i use it in tandem with the mouse in the right and tablet pen in the left.

            When we go on holiday, space dictates the tablet is left at home and I am lost without it
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