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Low light noise problem - 60D

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    Low light noise problem - 60D

    Hi All,

    So I was messing around trying some low key photography and I have found that a have a lot of noise for some reason.

    My set-up

    Eos 60D
    EF-S 17-55 2.8
    Speedlite 430EXII of camera on manual.
    Manual exposure

    1/250 shutter speed
    Spot metering.

    I was trying to follow some of the guidelines in this article:

    So I have cut out most of my background light (still some work needed by me here) and get an effect that it OK (still more work needed, but getting better).

    But when I look at the image I have a lot of noise. I have cropped the area to highlight the problem and I attach it. Around the arm is the worst.

    Noise problem 2.jpg

    Why I am getting so much noise with ISO 100? I know that this section is seriously underexposed (I am trying to get a black background) and is not so important for my final picture. But I don't understand the problem.

    Any advise etc. would be welcome.



    Re: Low light noise problem - 60D

    Hi Jason,
    This shot is so seriously underexposed, to be unusable. Any sensor, if it's not given enough light, will exhibit excess noise.
    I would say that this is not a problem with your camera, but with your technique. But keep on practising, like we all do on here :)
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      Re: Low light noise problem - 60D

      got to agree 100% with kellys comment


        Re: Low light noise problem - 60D

        Canon cameras have some extra bonus digitisation noise (meaning between the sensor and the signal getting changed into a number rather than being an analogue voltage). This shows up most at low ISO and low light levels (well, strictly it's always there, but you only notice it in dark areas). It's just the way it is until they change how they digitise the data. Looks worse on the crop sensors as they capture less light per pixel.

        Assuming it's the same sensor as the 7D then it's very good for fixed pattern noise (due to sensor chip layout), which is a plus.
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