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Any problems with EOS M6 Mark II?

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    Any problems with EOS M6 Mark II?

    Just bought the M6 Mk II and very excited to play around with it and get to know it (my first foray into mirrorless! Then, after 4 days of use, it went dead. Dead as a dodo.

    After exchanges with the vendor (Rhinocamera, online shop - I live in Europe), I was told that the battery contacts are 'broken', that I must have done it by 'forcing the battery in or the wrong way round' (!!) and that this is a very common problem. I can find nothing on Google about this and I am getting some great support from Canon to whom I have escalated the problem. They said they are not aware of this issue being common and my contact has never come across it.

    Anyone heard of this? Rhinocamera had very good customer reviews when I researched online, but it is the first time I had used them (never again).

    I am sure Canon will help me get the camera back to life, but thought I would share the story to see (a) if any others had experienced this and (b) warn that it seems Rhinocamera is to be avoided as unwilling to do the right thing and either replace the camera without discussion or, even, repair for free.

    The problem of buying on-line I’m afraid. Best use local dealers, they will sort problems to save their reputation.

    Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got