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Thread: 1dx focus speed

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    Default 1dx focus speed

    Would a 1dx mk 1 focus quicker than my 7d mk ii when using 300mm 2.8 is + 2xiii extenders and just faster in general without extenders , thanks

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    The real difference would be in low light/high iso where the 1dx would shine.... Also the 1dx has 5 dual cross type af points and the 7dmk2 has 1, so that may be a factor.... Also, it also has 20 off centre cross type points to the 7ds, 1 which I gather is important to bif togs? ...As good as the 7dmk2 is, and I owned one for 2 years and loved it, the 1dx is just a better camera all round... But factor in the price difference and what would you notice in a real life situation... The 7dmk2 is a bargain and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

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    Default Re: 1dx focus speed

    I've used a 1DX mk1 and 7D II on a 300mm f/2.8 L IS II lens with a 1.4 III converter (I'm not a big fan of 2x converters) and have not noticed any discernible difference in focusing speed. I've never used either without a converter so can't comment.


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    im trying to work out if my 300mm with 2x extender would be better paired with a 1dx or 1 get a 500mm f4 is and use my 7d mk ii with it ?

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    I used a 7D2 for several years, a lot of the time with a 300mm F2.8 and a 1.4Ext Mk 2 then Mk3, I didn't notice any particular slowing down of focus speed, then I was tempted by a 2.0 Ext Mk2 and the slowing was very noticeable.

    I then persuaded SWMBO to let me get a 1DXii, as expected the 300mm with 1.4 was excellent, but the real noticeable change was when I added the 2x Ext, it was much faster than the 7D2

    Hope that helps


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    Hi paul just looked at your photos on flickr , very nice , but you have the mk ii lens where i have the mk i not sure how much better optically they are but im guessing the ii will be better . thanks

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    If its a choice between a body and glass I would choose glass every time , the 500mm f4 is a fantastic lens and works very well with the 7D2 but having said that I have both bodies and never pick the 7D2 out of the bag as the 1DX is in a different league in every way. either combination will produce great results
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