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Challenge 162 - Isolation

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    Well done to all those who took part. I don’t think this one was easy, and it certainly wasn’t easy to judge. Comments and placings follow

    The nature of isolation
    Beautifully balanced composition with the positioning of the figure and even the colour of the umbrella all working together. I have given you the benefit of the doubt re the photo being taken during the span of the challenge - leaf fall ?- as I believe you live in NZ

    New normal at the supermarket.
    The car park queue is a great idea but I think you needed to concentrate more on the lines of people and/or the lines of red tape. This would mean moving around a bit to get the best perspective-rather than have the wooden barriers and the red plastic barriers in the way of your shot.

    Thursday Applause
    I really like the lady’s expression and your angle, it makes a strong statement. However I think you’ve missed a trick here. If you give this a square crop you get the image balanced nicely in thirds:- half a door, the lady clapping and the window reflecting the street. Then it tells the whole story.

    Don’t forget your mask
    The mono master at work, that mask and arm almost invite the response “Oh,must I?” Unfortunately I can’t work out where the rest of the arm and body are and the background irregularities are distracting

    Social distancing sitting
    This could be an ordinary landscape, crisply in focus, and with interest in the foreground, middle and far distance. Then you look again and realise that those 2 lads would never normally sit that distance apart. Very well spotted and executed

    The simple lines and colours emphasise the solitary life of the farmer in the field and the inevitable gulls behind. I feel it would have been stronger without the trees so close to the tractor (photoshop or axe?!)

    Scrabble score
    A most original idea with lots of interest throughout the image. Nerd Alert- I had to check that there were only 2 C’s in a scrabble set!! I also liked your other 2 scrabble images on flickr

    Self -isolating river style
    An amusing image but from this angle it does not convey that they are 2 metres apart. The red shirt and the heron in the background both distract from what you are trying to convey

    Isolation Sighs
    I presume that’s you in a gondolier’s shirt added to a photo of Venice taken out of lockdown time, another original idea . An empty Venice would be this photographer’s dream - Sigh !

    Coral Rose
    Your rose is beautiful, sharp and with lovely waterdrops. I know the theme is isolation but on this occasion I think it would benefit from some further cropping as currently the interest is only in about 10% of the image

    My house
    One cute little guinea pig sitting pretty. I played with this on my PC and I think he still looks good and isolated with a heavy crop around his house since it’s a bit messy, and the highlights dropped a tad

    My runners up are
    3rd Place - Rose- Thursday Applause
    2nd Place - Doug Z – the Nature of Isolation

    …And in Splendid Isolation is

    1st Place - Alex R - Social Distancing Sitting

    Congratulations to all who took part and it's over to Alex for the next one
    Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......


      Well done Alex, look forward to your normal interesting subject on the next challenge. Also thanks to Bo for setting the challenge, plus the constructive comments.


        Thank you Lunarbo for the well run challenge and helpful insights, there is always something new for me to take onboard!
        Congratulations Alex on first place.


          Well done Alex and congratulations to the other podium places. And a thank you to you Bo for the challenge, running it and the comments.

          Look forward to your challenge Alex!



            Congratulations Alex ! (it was my favourite just epitomises the current time so well).
            Well done to the runners up too.
            Thanks Barbara for the challenge......and looking forward to the next one.
            Brian Vickers LRPS



              Congratulations Alex a worthy winner and well done to runners up.
              Thanks to Barbara for running the challenge
              Gary Cantwell LSINWP. ASINWP.


                Gosh, Bo, that was genuinely unexpected; thank you for your kind comments and the honour. Well done to everyone and particularly to my fellow podiumers (socially distanced of course so it must be a very wide podium). Lovely to see another good number of entries.
                I will indeed put my thinking cap on and hope to post up a new Challenge at the weekend.
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                  Well done to all those who added a photo, they are all very good.

                  Congratulations Alex!
                  Railway Photos - Steam Train Photos


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