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Theme for November/December - Autumn & Winter

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    Theme for November/December - Autumn & Winter

    Thank you Rose for the September/October theme of orange. Good theme choice which produced an excellent range and variety of photographs.

    I thought I would set a new theme for November and December, as long as everybody is ok with that. My chosen theme is Autumn & Winter.

    On my commute to work recently I've loved seeing all the autumn colours and seeing the shops starting to fill up with Christmas stock and autumn/winter makes me really happy. There are beautiful sunrises, crisp cold mornings and it's just really beautiful to capture.

    There is no restriction, it is wholly up to you how you choose to interpret the theme. As for the last two months, It would be good to see some continued inventive and imaginative shots in the mix.

    The basics (the wording is the same as for the last two months to help encourage participation)

    -This is not a competition, it is purely for fun
    -All photos should be your own and taken within the period of the theme (to encourage the taking of new photos)
    -You can post as many times and as many photos as you wish
    -Everyone is very welcome to comment on the photos
    -Please include EXIF data if possible (not essential but is requested to help other members)
    -All entries to be shot with a Canon EOS camera either film or digital, SLR, DLSR, M or R series (any make of lens can be used)
    -This theme will close at midnight on 31 December.

    Have fun everyone!


    Here are a couple of pics as a starter; they are of my winter flowering Christmas cactus which is coming into full flower. The flowers are large, 9cm in length, and the most beautiful bright pink.

    6O4A5219_1 by Rose, on Flickr

    6O4A5216_1 by Rose, on Flickr
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      Fuchsia, are you sure? I'm no expert but looks more like a 'Christmas Cactus' to me...

      You may know me from Another Place....

      The new ElSid Photogallery...

      Equipment: Far too much to list - including lots of Nikon...


        Originally posted by El Sid View Post
        Fuchsia, are you sure? I'm no expert but looks more like a 'Christmas Cactus' to me...
        Thank you, you are completely right of course and I’ve amended my post.
        must be too much excitement using my camera……


          They're beautiful Rose! Such a vibrant pink!
          I'm assuming the closed Buds in the background of the second picture are still to flower.
          Will also be great to see them again later in the year!

          Thanks for starting this months Theme off with two lovely images Rose. Nicely taken


            I would normally have put a pic up of a tree in the garden that is normally full of brilliant colours in the autumn but it had its periodic cut back this year so was nowhere near as good as past years and the high winds stripped a lot of leaves. So instead you have a pic of some leaves from the blueberry, but still pretty good colours (this bush produced over a pound of fruit this year).

            2011238265 by Ian, on Flickr


            Flickr page


              Love the colours, nice pic.


                Lovely image Ian,

                ​​​​​​Definitely some vibrant stunning colours there!

                Thanks for sharing
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                  Edit of one I took earlier this month on a photoshoot for this lovely Ferrari replica...

                  Ferrari 250TR by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr


                  Eos 1D x and Eos 1D mk4, EF 24-105L F4, EF 70-200L F2.8 mk2, EF 100L F2.8 macro, 1.4 and 2.0 mk3 converters, Sigma Art 12-24 F4, Sigma Art 85 F1.4 .....Pixapro GI01 speedlite, Citi 600 battery strobes and Pika200 battery strobes.


                    Stunning picture Jeff! Very autumnal background and what a beautiful machine, shame they don't make cars like they used too (Certainly the story of my trade)

                    Thanks for contributing Jeff


                      My 1st frost on camera (wont be the last)
                      Frosty Leaves by Steven McNeill, on Flickr
                      Im Still trying to capture mist, boosting the highlights in LR helps!
                      Tree Mist by Steven McNeill, on Flickr
                      And I get to have some fun with the sky.
                      Tree Mist Cropped by Steven McNeill, on Flickr

                      We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns ;)


                      EOS R, RF 24-105 L, 70D EF 18-55mm IS, EF 75-300mm, EF10-18mm IS STM & Nifty 50 STM.


                        Nice set Steve, love the patterns in pic 1 - I am looking forward to seeing some more of your frost patterns.
                        Glad to see you are perservering with photos of mist, of the two I prefer pic 2, although the sky in the last pic being darker makes the mist stand out.


                          More flower power!
                          Here are two plants in my tiny front garden, the first is a geranium which was late coming into flower this year and is still flowering as we approach December.
                          The second plant is a Mahonia; they are a winter flowering plant. I think I got the focusing wrong on this shot.

                          Both plants are looking slightly worse for wear but then we've had high winds and lots of rain!

                          6O4A5530_1 by Rose, on Flickr

                          6O4A5528_1 by Rose, on Flickr


                            Thanks everyone for sharing your autumn/winter images.
                            Great to see.

                            This is theme is now closed and I hand it over to somebody else who wishes to set a new one.